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Now normally I don't indulge in "rap beef," but I love me some T.I. and I can't for the life of me understand why Shawty Lo would want go at him like he has. Shawty Lo continued the feud at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash in Phillips Arena but T.I. clearly ended it.

According to, Shawty Lo began his set with a video package detailing his escape from an inept FBI agent who curiously resembled his rival T.I. The amusing video featured the agent getting punched to the floor by his female superior for failing to capture Lo.

Shawty Lo made it a point to bring out a host of Bankhead artists to solidify his claim as “King of Bankhead,” the legendary west side neighborhood of Atlanta. The biggest statement to T.I. was Shawty Lo’s big screen photo which read “A New King is Born,” an obvious challenge to T.I.’s title of “King of the South.”

T.I. headlined the show and made numerous references to “haters” who continue running their mouths about him. T.I. returned Lo’s earlier jabs by abruptly stopping a song, shouting out “Get, Get, Get It!” and doing a mock Shawty Lo dance to “oohs” from the sold out crowd. [SEE ABOVE VIDEO] Feeling he had made his point, the “King of South” shouted out Bankhead, that he owns Atlanta, and that “This is my Birthday Bash! I own this sh*t!”