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Janet Jackson airs her dirty laundry about what some consider a flop of her last album Discipline, which had only sold 392K in the US since it's February release. Hmmm...that pretty flop-ish, if you ask me.

So don't expect a third single anytime soon, Janet she tells She goes on to say that Island Def Jam discontinued promoting the album after her single, "Rock With U," failed to chart. Additional friction apparently resulted from Island also releasing "LUV" as a single, despite Jackson's wish that "LUV" be worked on its own.

In a statement to Billboard, an Island Def Jam spokesperson says, "Unfortunately we haven't experienced the results we would have liked with this new album. But we respect and support Janet."

Janet is excited about her Live Nation "Rock Wit U" tour which jumps of Sept. 7th. I would be to, that's where the money is and despite low sales, I think she still has it as a performer and her fan base has always supported her shows. It's been a minute since she's been on tour, so I think she's ready to be back on the stage.