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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
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When word hit that Nas planned on naming his upcoming album “Nigger” or the n-word for those politically correct, ish hit the fan! The controversial title had people up in arms, shaking their heads and asking WTF? After much dismay over the title and him and wife Kelis showing up to the Grammy’s like walking billboards, Nas decided let the album go untitled…

I just wondered how he expected to sell the album…can you imagine the average person walking up to FYE asking for that new “Nigger” CD? Especially when the major consumers of hip hop albums are young white males… Where’s a Dave Chapelle skit when you need one?!

But in a recent CNN interview, Nasir Jones explained he didn't change the album's name to please the Rev. Al Sharpton and other black leaders. Rather, they were stealing his thunder.

"I don't think I liked the attention I was getting from some of the elders in my community," he said. "I saw it kind of leaning toward being about them ... only about them. I kind of wanted to just shake that off of me."

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