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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I don't have the energy to talk bad about this girl, I mean how many times can we address the fact that the girl can't sing...however her layout is hot! Two steps and a nip slip away from Playboy, but nonetheless, it's hot. In the Aug/Sept issue of Complex, Cassie hopes the second times a charm, after a less than spectacular debut. Here are a few quotes from the mag:

On the harshest thing that’s been said about her…
”‘She’s fu***** for checks. I don’t f*** for checks–I’d rather live on the street.”
Actually it's that you f*cked for tracks, not checks hun!

On her song “Official Girl” being a marketing ploy to cash in on the P.Diddy rumors…
“Nope. It wasn’t planned. It was just a song I really loved that I heard. Nobody will ever know who “Official Girl” is about. They think it’s about certain people but it’s not. Anything that happens in my personal life is personal. I never actually put anything out there. Nobody’s really known who I’ve dated.”

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