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Sunday, August 17, 2008

All I have to say is... Girl, you are doin' the most! Solange debuted her self-directed video for "Sandcastle Disco" on FNMTV... Just a lot going on in this video. Definitely different.

In some recent quotes she talks about being Beyonce's little sister...she's funny!
"I get asked about Beyonce all the time but I try and make fun of it. Sometimes I say she's not my sister. Other times I say I've stuffed her in my suitcase and sent it to Dubai.

I have to have fun with it or I'll turn in to Britney (Spears) - shave my head and go totally crazy."
Papa Knowles puts her past Beyonce-envy tantrum on blast in her new feature in Giant mag...
“Years ago, we had theses shelves in our living room.” he says. “They where filled with trophies and plaques my older daughter, Beyoncé, had won in different talent shows. I came home from work one day, and every last one of those trophies was broken and scattered across the room!” He smiles at the memory, shaking his head. "Solange broke them, every single one--and didn't deny it."