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Jennifer Hudson made an appearance on "The View" today to promote her self titled album that debuts today, and she gushed over he wedding and that Neil Lane gigantor engagement ring! Funny how they just skimmed over his former gig as a New York loving punk, named "Punk!" I like how she threw out his Harvard education... LOL.

Click through to hear how Punk [sorry he'll always be Punk] proposed to her on her 27th birthday!

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“I had no clue at all… We went to the beach during the day and he blindfolded me… and he gave me a purple shovel, because purple’s my favourite colour… and I had to dig.

“I ended up digging through all this sand. When I found it, it was like a bunch of beautiful cards… one related to the other, and the last one said, ‘Look around, take the moment in, turn around and I have a gift for you.’”