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Friday, September 26, 2008
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Every new R&B crooner says they are here to bring R&B back, but once you listen to Raphael Saadiq's newest album The Way I See It, you will see that he is bringing real R&B in its original form. From Motown to Curtis Mayfield, Raphael tapped into some of the best sounds in the era of true R&B. It's like a period piece as an ode to the greats.

His debut single, "Love That Girl" possesses a sense of Smokey Robinson and transports you to the late 50s when the kids gathered at the local community center for dances. In an love song about a New Orleans miss, the trumpet-heavy "Big Easy" features the renowned brass band, The Rebirth Band. Even Stevie Wonder makes an appearance in the soulful "Never Give Up." One of my favorites, "Sure Hope You Mean It" is eerily reminiscent of The Temptations and his style right out the David Ruffin playbook. To top it off he teams up with Jay-Z for the smooth remix of "Oh Girl."

Touching these classic sounds make the album feel so familiar. If you are a fan of the classics - Motown, Stax, Chi-town, Philly - like me, you will thoroughly enjoy The Way I See It! I had the pleasure of getting the scoop straight from Raphael on making the FAB album, his inspirations, and of course, will there ever be a reunion with Tony! Toni! Tone!?


Check out a preview of the full album on his Official MySpace! Plus, keep up with dates of upcoming shows on his official website, Make sure to get your copy of The Way I See It, in stores now!

Watch the video for the debut single, "Love That Girl" here.

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