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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
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Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane [yeah, she's a sista with a name like Bensonetta] in the child support and custody case between T.I. and LaShon Dixon has ordered him to increase his monthly payments and for them to have joint custody of the 2 boys. The slight increase from $2000 to just over $3000 in support and time with the boys seems to be more of a win for T.I. LaShon originally asked for $10,000. Hmph... T.I. has publicly defended his financial support of his boys.
Tipton Lane also awarded the couple on Tuesday joint custody of the boys, ages 7 and 8. Dixon, 28, was granted primary physical custody. The children previously spent about 40 percent of their time with the rapper.

Dixon's attorney, Randy Kessler, said his client is still unsatisfied with the amount the judge ordered T.I. to pay but is happy to receive more child support.

"Every little bit helps," Kessler said. "She was just getting by with the children, while they lived a different life with their father. It can't be complete opposites on the other side." [SOURCE]
Note to LaShon: Get a job and provide the boys the lifestyle you want them to have by doing it yourself. I wish I got $3000 a month, plus schooling, medical, and extracurricular activities. I make it on my own income every month, no formal child support. Child support is for children not your lifestyle, that would be alimony and since you weren't married, well, sorry for ya! This just gives mothers a bad rap, like they are more concern with the men supporting their life, not the children. It just seems lazy to me.