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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
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After watching the finale of Making the Band, I am in no way shocked or surprised. I wasn't expecting D. Woods to end up out of the group, but I'm not surprised. I actually think she really got caught in the crossfire and got the boot for being guilty by association. I didn't know that their was so much tension between former BFFs Aundrea and Aubrey, though.

Here's the deal, when the Danity Kane's debut album came out, I was expecting a second album. I said it back in 2007 when the rumors around Aundrea started swirling. As much as I love them as a group, I wasn't confident in their success as a reality TV product on Bad Boy. I have my issues with Bad Boy and Almighty Puff Power because we all see how the other artists were eff'd over by that situation.

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I have to agree with Diddy on the fact that Aubrey became a distraction. Making it how you live is all cool and ish, but she really changed - for the less attractive. The cliques and distrust was bound to hurt the group. So, what next?

In the interest of MTV, I can see them trying another round of MTB and following the remaining girls. As for Diddy, he's still a business man and he wants to put out music. I can see him entertaining the thought of bring the girls together again. He left that door open. Danity Kane as a three member group? I don't know, 2 of the 3 best vocalists are still there, but D. Woods voice can't be duplicated. Aubrey wasn't the best singer in the crew, so that doesn't hurt the group and they all can dance so that doesn't hurt either. It is possible to market these girls though. Almighty Puff Power could try to make them the next Destiny Child... I feel bad because it seems like the ones remaining really feel like they didn't have anything to "go back to." Aubrey as a solo artist = FAIL! D. Woods has potential but the clock is ticking.

Or how about this is really just the end of them as a group!? My bet is on this.

What do you think? Take a look at Aubrey's response after the jump...

..she didn't really say much, did she?

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