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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
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The ongoing soap opera that is Usher and Tameka Foster his aired a new episode. After pictures of Usher and a mysterious woman surfaced and Tameka arriving at Tyler Perry's Studio Opening solo and pregnant, the rumors of separations seem more like reality.

Scoop nabber Jawn Murray laid out more juicy details about their all but confirmed separation...
...on Oct. 1, I got a call from a woman whose name for now I will withhold claiming to be a "friend" of the Raymonds and "concerned because Usher was having an extramarital affair."

After a bunch of hemming and hawing about how she "didn't want her name mentioned" and how she was "only calling me to do the right thing," this alleged "friend" of the couple went on to accuse a fellow R&B/Pop singer of being Usher's mistress.

After checking out this alleged extramarital affair I realized that the dates in question were improbable because Usher and the alleged mistress were in two separate countries for two and a half months of this alleged affair.

Further research allowed me to discover that days after my call from the "friend" of the Raymonds – this being the same weekend as the opening of Tyler Perry's studio in Atlanta to be specific – the singer in question and several of her associates got a call from Foster-Raymond tipping them off Usher & Tameka's wedding photothat this story was bubbling under and that "someone had warned her about it."

Upset, confused and completely blindsided, said singer then phoned Usher, who was both shocked and outraged by the whole ordeal.

Sources close to the situation tell me that this caused him to reach his breaking point and he made it clear that he believed his wife was behind the entire thing.
READ MORE OF THE LONG DRAWN OUT STORY! Lots of "oh really?" moments! Jawn usually keeps it real and true, so the I believe what he wrote is good as true... We all knew the "hook by crook" chick was no good from day one however his personal life has always been a part of his marketing plan for his album. This time it's not really working because his album sales are pretty poo!

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