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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
According to Miss Jones has a lot more going on than being suspended from the station for being an ass to Mama Knowles...

In an exclusive interview, an insider at New York's Hot 97 told all about Miss Jones' battle with weight. According to our source, the radio DJ recently exploded in size - growing to nearly 300 lbs.

And the source told us, "[Miss Jones] was having trouble dealing with her weight gain ... she was becoming really nasty to everyone, including guests." But a few weeks ago, according to our source, Miss Jones decided to take a dramatic step. Our tipster tells, "she told everyone at the station that she was taking a leave for medical reasons - but word quickly got around that she was having her stomach stapled."

And the stomach stapling couldn't have happened at a better time. According to our tipster, Miss Jones' weight was beginning to cause problems at the station. Our source explains, "when [Miss Jones] is on the air she sweats a lot and some days it gets really musty in the studio." The source went on, "the heavier she got, the worse the studio smelled ... one time another DJ complained and we had to leave the door open so that the studio could air out."

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