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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
It now time for me to give my 23 cents on Dreamgirls!

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Besides the fact that "Earl and 'nem" [code for: the ni**as] showed up with the baby, talked across rows and answered their cell phones in during the movie, I, like everyone else, thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

So we all now that it is great, the music, the acting, the costumes, everything is just F-A-B!

Here my take on the buzz that surrounds this movie...

Like Ray, the movie was released at the right time, for year people have tried to make movies, but sometimes you just have to wait until the right actors are's like Jamie Foxx was born to play Ray Charles, I definitely think Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Anika Noni Rose, were all born to play their parts...the cast as a whole make this movie work.

Beyonce as Deena Jone: She tried. I love Lady B and you can see that she really worked on her acting, but that's it, she had to work. I don't say that as a bad thing, but she didn't come off as natural as others that are singers/actors. She is absolutely gorgeous throughout. You do see her transform from Plain Jane to Super her deciding to lose the weight before was a great move. I still don't think she is the star of the story. Because...

Jennifer Hudson as Effie White:
Stole the show! I mean you felt connected to Effie...You were attached to her story. Even though the end was a resolution for both Deena and Effie, you were actually happy for Effie. J. Hud, did the damn thing. She has a natural acting ability and with this being her first film, you have to realize the potential that is there. "And I am Telling You" is just a moment you won't forget...[I know I won't forget the lady next to me who decided to try to sing it under her breathe...] Anyway, take a look at why J. Hud was made for the role of Effie.

Anika Noni Rose as Lorelle: Love her. She's just as great, she really has great presence andFree Image Hosting at actually has the best acting ability out of all three. She should definitely take off as well after being seen in Dreamgirls. And after being on Oprah, I had to watch her shoes and he had platforms on in every performance because she is much shorter than Lady B and J. Hud...

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Jamie Foxx as Curtis Taylor:
Love him. He's just great! I think he is a great singer...I've loved him since his Peep This days...but he's not really a singer in the movie but he knows how to be the role and is great no doubt!

Eddie Murphy as Jimmy "Thunder" Early: Hilarious! Not intentionally funny, but justFree Image Hosting at funny on the slick. He really completes the package. "I Meant You No Harm" is just the icing on the cake!

So in all! I loved it, will see it again! You must listen to the soundrack before you go...that way you can sing along [mentally...not aloud!]


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