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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Remember when Miss Jones hung up on New York for lying about going to Syracuse? Well here's what she has to say about it now:

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Before we really get into it, I wonder if you have anything to say about what went down with Miss Jones last month on the radio, when she hung up on you after accusing you of lying about college.

I'm glad we're gonna address that. First of all, Miss Jones doesn't appeal to me in any type of way. I don't have any respect for her. She's very angry. She's very nasty. She was asking me very personal questions about myself and I wasn't going to answer her honestly, because I felt like she wasn't really interested in my life. She was trying to attack me. So, of course, I just played with her. And her being a radio personality, she knew I wasn't being honest. I didn't care, I knew I had to get through that interview and remain professional. But I will say this: I think she's a fat, bitter bitch.

Very early on, it seemed clear that she was out to give you a hard time.

And I was having a great day! I wasn't going to let anyone ruin my morning. You can only push my buttons if I allow you to, and I didn't allow her to push my buttons. She would have loved to have gotten into it with me. Who wouldn't want to get into it with me? That could have boosted her career that never went anywhere. She was an aspiring singer that never did anything. Miss Jones sucks. She gained about 80 lbs. She looks terrible.

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