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In an interview with UK's Female First, Robin Thicke talks about everything from vicious dog bites, the inspiration for Shooter, and working with Beyonce in the future!

Here are some highlights:

Have you ever been bitten by an animal?

Yeah – actually I was one time. A very ravenous dog bit me when I was about seven years old. He bit me all over my face and had stitches above my eye, under my chin and on my hands. I was bitten very badly, so I have scars from that.

You apparently wrote a song called “Oh Shooter” after witnessing an armed robbery. Can you tell us more about what sounds like a very scary experience?

Yeah. I was 17 years old and I was in a bank when it got robbed. Years later I did end up writing a song about it called “Oh Shooter.” I was standing there about to get my money and I heard “Get Down on the Floor.” I turned around and there was a guy walking towards me with a gun pointing towards my head. I dropped to the floor. I was nervous for a second but then I saw these two kid guys and they were my age. They were about 18 years old and I wasn’t scared anymore because they looked like they couldn’t actually believe that it was working. (Laughs) But then this white lady walked in and she got all freaked out because the guy pointed the shotgun at her. She started screaming for her life, going “Oh God No!” I started chuckling a bit because by that point I had realised that these guys didn’t want to shoot anybody. They just wanted the money.

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Your wife, the actress Paula Patton, has appeared in music videos with you and on the cover of your album though. What’s it like working with your real life spouse for projects -some artists don’t like mixing business with pleasure for fear of harming their relationships?

Yeah, my wife is in my music video for Lost Without U. We didn’t have any money and we couldn’t afford anyone else. (Laughs) So she was the only one who would do it for free. I didn’t even consider it to be work when I was with her though. To me, that was just me hanging out with my wife.

What other plans have you got coming up in the near future?

Well I’ve got a summer tour with Beyonce and I just did a record with 50 Cent this week for his new album.

I would like to work with Beyonce and maybe we will come up with something while we are on tour and I definitely want to work with Jay-Z some day.

I’m also working with Usher for his new album. Besides that I’m half -way done with my new album – I’m just so excited to be touring and being able to get my music out to people.

ALSO, Robin's American Idol performance has been moved to May 2nd...

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