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Thursday, May 10, 2007
R. Kelly's next release Double Up is coming on May 29th and he is offering twice as much heat...

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1. The Champ - Featuring Swizz Beatz
2. Double Up - Featuring Snoop Dogg
3. Tryin’ To Get A Number - Featuring Nelly
4. Get Dirty - Featuring Chamillionaire
5. Leave Your Name
6. Freaky In The Club
7. The Zoo
8. I’m A Flirt Remix - Featuring T. I. & T- Pain
9. Same Girl- Featuring Usher
10. Real Talk
11. Hook It Up - Featuring Huey
12. Rock Star - Featuring Ludacris & Kid Rock
13. Best Friend - Featuring Keyshia Cole & Polow Da Don
14. Rollin’
15. Sweet Tooth
16. Havin’ A Baby
17. Sex Planet
18. Rise Up

Hooking-up with his old buddy Snoop, the two do their thang on the title track. With a kick of killer bass, this song is bound to have folks house party sweating. Still, experimenting with his personal style of rap-singing, “Pull Your Hair” will have women across the country smiling sexily while tightening their weaves. Later on the record, Kelly shares the mic with hometown boy Kayne West on the amazing “Hook It Up.”

Yet, for anyone who might think that the pied piper of soul has turned his back on ballads has another think coming. “To me, rap and R&B are like two hands holding one another,” says R. Kelly. “Double Up is about 70% hip-hop, but, that being said, I’m always going to make songs for the ladies.”

On Double Up, R. Kelly gives his fans not only want they want, he gives them twice as much.