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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two big reveals in the reality competition world...

In a somewhat shocker [but not really] Melinda Doolittle was eliminated from American Idol.

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Why I am not so surprised? Because I felt like though Melinda had the best singing voice, she was very mature and didn't have the "X factor" like Jordin Sparks. I knew that the two would split the "Black vote" and Jordin had the edge with her teen following. Is it all bad? Nope, because many A.I. alum that came in third are still household names, like Elliot Yamin and Kimberly Locke. So she better ride that last 2 minutes, get a new stylist and revamp her image!

However someone did win something last night...
Jaslene took home the title of America's Next Top Model!

Miss Cha Cha Diva...she feeiiirrcce!

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