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Monday, July 30, 2007

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Being a blogger, news about the growing blogging community is always of interest, especially when it gets juicy and salacious! So what happens when the blogger steps out from behind the computer...

YBF writer, Natasha Eubanks attended Chris Webber's Bada Bling weekend in Las Vegas but what she had to blog about, not everyone took too kindly and decided to make it known, namely BET's Claudia Jordan and reality show villain Omarosa. Omarosa countered:
"It became very obvious to me that this girl was a rat by the way she lingered around the poker table and stared blatantly at my breasts. She may be young and black, but fabulous she is not! If her blog is an extension of who she is, then it should be renamed: 'Mean, Bitter & Fugly.' With full-figured women on the come-up and celebrating their curves, Miss YBF set herself back, wearing, of all things, a yellow cow-print dress that showcased the rolls around her waist. While I do love many of the blogs, I don't like anybody who can dish it [but] can't take it! She strategically chose not to post the photo that we posed together for. I challenge her to post the picture we took together and let the viewers decide who is really 'young black and fabulous!'"
I will hold my mule on that...interesting indeed! For Claudia's thought on the situation and more behind the scenes action of the weekend check out Jawn Murray's recap @ BlackVoices...

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