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Friday, July 27, 2007
Kanye West calls his style "pop luxe" in his interview featured in the August issue of Harpar's Bazaar, which also captures him with his fiancée Alexis...

His style: “It’s like …pop luxe. Pop and luxury. Everything about me is pop and luxury.”“Alexis is my original stylist,” says West.”She helped me get fresh!”

Meeting his fiancée, Alexis Phifer: Alexis was wearing Miss Sixtys. … I had on this throwback jersey, and the first thing I said to her, because I could tell she was stylish, was ‘I don’t normally dress like this!’ ”

On his worst relationship: “It was one of those relationships where, as the months went by, I just kept thinking, There’s something wrong here. It kept getting weirder until the day I came off the road a little early and heard some noises coming from her basement. Let’s just say she and another dude were having a good time without me. It was the worst possible ending, like going to Disneyland, getting on Space Mountain and having it fly off the tracks.”