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Thursday, August 16, 2007

50 Cent confirms to MTV that he indeed have a moment of rage after discovering that the video for his collaboration with Robin Thicke, "Follow My Lead," was leaked to the internet. Originally scheduled to be released in 2 to 3 months, the leak sent 50 on a rage, tearing a plasma tv off the wall [see above pic rumored to be the tv] and throwing a cell phone out his office window! He tells MTV about that fateful day...

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"I woke up, I'm having a regular day, I'm actually going to work," Fif explained Monday on the set of another video, one he's doing with Perry Farrell and Kelly Rowland for ESPN (see "50 Cent, Kelly Rowland And — Huh? — Perry Farrell Team Up For ESPN Theme"). "I come from Connecticut to New York City. I get here around 11 o'clock. I released a mixtape record [the night before called 'We On Some Sh--']. It's on some aggressive content — it's me, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, it's something new that I created for the street.

"Everything is going good," he continued. "I'm taking meetings, doing different things that I had planned on the schedule. And I get phone call and someone is telling me they seen the Robin Thicke video! It was a friend of mine, but he's from a different state. Soon as [bootleggers] see something like that, they take the audio off the video, because they know it's not supposed to be out, [and leak the audio track online]. Then I start to get the phone calls, 'cause across the country the mix-show DJs start getting it. This record isn't even supposed to be out!"

"When is a video leaked?" 50 asked rhetorically. "Like, I never even heard of that before! I've heard of a song leaking out — and then you can send cease-and-desist letters to the radio stations and try to calm it down, 'cause 'Ayo Technology' leaked out. So it makes me feel like Interscope is just all over the place."