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R leaving court yesterday

The judge in R. Kelly's upcoming trial for child pornography has ruled that the infamous R. Kelly videos will be shown in court to the public...I mean does the public really need to see the tape? It really could have been a limited viewing...
In a hearing held to discuss several motions before the trial starts next month, Assistant State's Atty. Shauna Boliker again urged Cook County Criminal Court Judge Vincent Gaughan to bar the public from viewing the tape in court, which she said would be harmful to the girl portrayed in the video.

In 2006, both the prosecution and the defense asked the judge to limit viewing of the tape. Defense lawyers sought to bar both the media and the public from seeing the tape, saying it would hinder Kelly's chances of getting a fair trial. Prosecutors sought to keep the tape from being viewed by the public. [SOURCE]
The judge does make a great point however...The defense contends that it would be a re-victimization of the alleged girl in the video, but since the girl denies that it is her, there is no victimization. He says that if the girl agrees to testify, he will change his ruling...fair enough!