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I had the pleasure of making it out to see Emily King live at the New Orleans House of Blues as she opened for Floetry Remixed, featuring Marsha Ambrosius and Amanda Diva. Off top, it was one of the best live performances I've been to. As you know, Emily is a friend to the blog and one of the hottest artists to hit the scene this year. I introduced you all to her earlier this year and she not only on the road, but her album, East Side Story is debuting this month on August 28th. It's been a long time coming for the 22-year old singer/songwriter who also plays a mean guitar, but it is well worth the wait! Emily definitely walked away with new found fans in the Bayou state!

We had a chance to chit chat it up backstage after her set! If you didn't know, she is the sweetest person you could meet, very open and an all around fun girl!

Continue reading to see more exclusive shots from the show with Emily King and Floety Remix, plus a review of the show, which was one not to be missed!

Emily King, rocking a cute "tainted love" tee, hit the stage and performed her very personal song "Colorblind" which is one of her soulful songs that I think really grabbed the audiences from jump. Singing all of the great songs on her sampler, "You and I," "Hold Me," the Bill Wither's cover "Ain't No Sunshine," and her first single "Walk in My Shoes" all of which seem to come out effortlessly. Emily worked the stage, introducing new songs from the upcoming album like "Business Man" which is a poignant social commentary that she wrote at the age of 16...

Being able to catch her live is very telling of her great talent for singing and performing! She is definitely an artist that you want to see live and in person because you can really appreciate her music! No bells and whistles to distract from her voice or the lyrics...Meeting up with her after her set, she eemed to truly be at home performing, not a sign of nervousness or fatigue. I think because she loves what she does, she exudes music and she is very genuine!

Floetry Remixed hit the stage next...I must say that the recent addition of Amanda Diva is still not common news as a couple of people in the restroom before the show still didn't know that the show was sans Natalie Stewart. Did it matter? Not so much...When Amanda [rocking the side curls and Kangol] came out, I didn't hear a gasp or a rumbling of confusion. As soon as they went into their set the crowd was rockin'!

The best part of this for me is that seeing them live is an experience you can't get from a cd or online. Fresh new music from an awesome collaboration. Amanda Diva as a great flow and don't be fooled, she can sing as well...Marsha has a flow too, so don't get that twisted either! They even broke down a "remix" of T-Pain's "Buy You [Me] a Drink" that was hot! The DJ did a fresh mix of New Orleans classics that had the crowd jumping! I am looking forward to hearing some recorded collaboration of Marsha and Amanda. Plus if you haven't figured it out...Amanda didn't "replace" Natalie, they aren't "broken up" officially, but this is a different version, for lack of a better word, of the Floetry brand, which is still about good music and giving hot live performances. To me, Amanda Diva has more of a hip-hop element to her flow which I like much more.

Of course Marsha's voice is flawless and captures you soon as she opens her mouth! So if you are near a city that the tour is stopping in, you have to see their show. I think it is well worth it see them!! Plus Emily King is one not to be missed!

Remaining Tour Dates:

09-Thu-Aug Los Angeles House of Blues

10-Fri-Aug Las Vegas House of Blues

11-Sat-Aug San Diego House of Blues

14-Tue-Aug San Francisco The Independent

15-Wed-Aug Sacramento Harlows

18-Sat-Aug Boulder Fox Theatre

20-Mon-Aug Chicago House of Blues

21-Tue-Aug Chicago House of Blues

22-Wed-Aug Detroit Elysium Lounge

23-Thu-Aug Cleveland, OH House of Blues

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