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Friday, August 10, 2007

In one of the biggest leaks of the year...50 Cent's third single "Follow My Lead" featuring the so sexy Robin Thicke. Elise Neal plays the love interest in this very simple and sexy video, and she's not the only cameo, it also features Dennis Hoffman...Enjoy it while it last because 50 is PISSED...yes with all caps! According to Miss Info, 50 went on a rampage at Interscope and ripped plasma off the wall and threw a phone out the window [with reason of course]:
Allegedly someone inside the Interscope camp is about to lose their job or their head because a video of 50’s 3rd single, called “Follow my Lead” featuring Robin Thicke just leaked to the web. Mind you, this single isn’t supposed to come out until October….after 50’s album drops and after his Justin Timberlake collabo dies out. But now 50’s carefully laid plan is all messed up and when he found out about the leak he flipped so crazy that told the head of Interscope that he’s boycotting all promo all media and possibly leaving the label… right now? Less than a month before the album drops?

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