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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Did you think you'd find out who was going to make the band last night? did I. But Diddy threw a monkey wrench in the plan and decided to get the views help in choosing the members of the newest addition to Bad Boy Records. But don't get too excited, here's the "gotcha gotcha" [you knew I had to throw one in there] the voters are not going to choose the group per se, but it will be one of the factors to help Diddy choose the final foursome...If the group is anything like the foursome on the song "I Want You [Exclusive]"...Big Mike, DeAngelo and Robert are in the group...

As for the actual show last night...Robert looks like he was eating well back at home, not a good look. I think Big mike found a good size, his 40 lb loss was good enough. Brian H. was getting on my nerves with the crying over his hair...I mean this is not ANTM dude. Lastly, Dyshon was working my nerves too with his white jacket and attitude, you haven't made the band yet!

See the shots from their Sean John photoshoot under the cut...and tell me who you would put in the new group!

Brian A. | DeAngelo | Brian H.

Donnie | Dyshon | Big Mike

Qwanell | Jeremy | Robert


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