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The Tyra Banks Show invaded New York's Times Square...and you know she had to do impromptu makeovers!!
"I'm thrilled to be moving to New York," said Banks, a native Los Angeleno whose first apartment once she became a model was in NYC. "After spending some time in the city this past spring, I knew the energy and rhythm of the city would be great for the show. I feel connected and completely at home."

"Moving the talk show to New York provides a great opportunity to meet all kinds of people and keep sharing the message of empowerment with everyone everywhere," Banks said. "The excitement of New York City will translate to the show each and every day as we continue to face compelling issues…head on." Source: E! Online
I hate to admit, but she is my guilty pleasure...her talk show can be extra cheesy but sometimes I am feeling a little cheese in my TV diet...I am mad she's still rocking that drab blonde looks so blah on least the lacefront glue held tight!