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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
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Usher and Tameka made their way to Barack Obama's birthday party in Atlanta last weekend, the day after their private nuptials. These two are soooo suspect right now. I need to introduce my new conspiracy theory that Tameka has something on him that she is blackmailing him that he's a closet cross dresser or something...It can't be the face so it must be the _____!

Anyhow Us Weekly got him to comment on the new arrangement:
“It was beautiful and private,” the R&B singer, 28, tells Us Weekly. “We didn’t have a first dance – but we had a lovely, intimate dinner filled with candlelight and flowers.”

The couple’s plans for the future are simple: to have a larger wedding ceremony (“sometime later in the year, or after the baby is born,” Usher says) and to “prepare for the birth of our first child.” [SOURCE]

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