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Mya @ The Mya Arts & Technology Foundation's "Summer Showcase Finale" at the Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts

Mya tells SOHH that the music industry is vastly different and speaks on the factors that are holding back albums, particularly her Oppression Liberation album, which as yet to claim a new release date.
"We're at a different state in music as well as entertainment as well as the economy right now," Mya explained. "It's based on finance. It's based on marketing and promotions which are essential to get your product out there to be heard. I think what albums are becoming now are promotional items for other opportunities, but you have to be a multi-faced, multimedia artist to take advantage of those things. Not just a singer, but a model. Not just a model, but an actress. Not just an actress, but a dancer. Not just a dancer, but a musician."

"There is a whole other side of the business that affects releases," she added. "There are also other releases that are pushed into your slot because they've pushed back because of difficulties or the state of the music industry right now, or lack of proper support. Y'all don't know this, well some people do but people don't want to hear that."