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Mychal Bell has been released on bail after the DA has agreed to not appeal the appellate courts decision to over turn his original conviction and move the case to juvenile court...a small victory in a long war against injustice!
Mychal Bell's release on $45,000 bail came hours after a prosecutor confirmed he will no longer seek an adult trial for the 17-year-old. Bell, one of the teenagers known as the Jena Six, still faces trial as a juvenile in the December beating in this small central Louisiana town.

"We still have mountains to climb, but at least this is closer to an even playing field," said the Rev. Al Sharpton, who helped organize last week's protest.

"He goes home because a lot of people left their home and stood up for him," Sharpton said. [SOURCE]

Of course, the DA is a complete and utter idiot and goes on to say that it was God that allowed the 25-plus thousand protesters to march peacefully...Ignorance is Bliss!