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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn some real WTF news of the day...Shaq reportedly file divorce papers against his wife Shaunie [pictured at his birthday party earlier this year]. The two have a whole village of children together, one recently born, so this is a total sideswipe!
Shaquille O'Neal wants to divorce Shaunie, his wife of nearly five years. ''The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken,'' says his petition, filed Tuesday by attorney Ira Elegant.

The O'Neals have four children together -- Shareef, 7, Amirah, 5, Shaqir, 4, and Me'Arah, 1. Shaq has a daughter, Taahirah, and Shaunie has a son, Myles, from previous relationships.

The two have a ''Cohabitation/Prenuptial Agreement and Acknowledgment of Property Disclosure and Waiver of Further Disclosure,'' the petition says. A copy of their agreement ''will be filed . . . under seal'' -- if the court allows -- and ``contains extensive provisions providing for confidentiality and non-disclosure.''

In the petition, Shaq refers to the Star Island mansion as ``the former marital home.''

Shaunie, he says, has been ''secretive about her assets . . . particularly with respect to certain properties owned or titled in either [her] name alone or in other entities.'' He wants the court to order Shaunie to give a ''correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities (including bearer securities)'' that she came into during the marriage.