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A family member is blabbing that Marion Jones sent a letter to close family and friends admitting to using 'roids before the 2000 Olympics says the Washington Post...Though she does say that it was her former coach that gave her the steroid and that she 'panicked' when federal agent confronted her. Trevor Graham, the former coach, will go to trial on November 26th for lying to federal agents. This could cost Marion five medals from the Sydney Olympics...*SMH*
Jones, a triple gold medalist in Sydney, said she took "the clear" for two years, beginning in 1999, and that she got it from former coach Trevor Graham, the newspaper reported. Graham told her it was flaxseed oil.

"The clear" is a performance-enhancing drug linked to BALCO, the lab at the center of a federal steroids investigation. Until now, Jones had steadfastly denied she ever took any kind of performance-enhancing drugs.

Jones also said she will plead guilty Friday in New York to two counts of lying to federal agents about her drug use and an unrelated financial matter, the Post reported.

"I want to apologize for all of this," the newspaper reported, quoting a person who received a copy of Jones' letter and read it to the paper. "I am sorry for disappointing you all in so many ways." [SOURCE]