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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
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The Dream is steady banging out more addictive tracks as he prepares for his December 11th release on Def Jam, LOVE/HATE. His debut hit, "Shawty is a Ten" gets a 'surprise' visit from R. Kelly who jumped on the track and added his signature touch. The combination is crazy since The Dream gets many comparisons to Kells...Love that it's a real remix with new lyrics and a fresh twist on the song, though I still love the original [explicit] version! Remember where you heard it first!

Plus, another track has hit the net, titled "Ditch That," where he flexes some pop influences that is definitely club-friendly. With hot beat switch-ups, the song keeps it interesting and far from the formulaic songs being put out now-a-days. It's fun song, but has musical content...The bass is fire!

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