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Yesterday proved to be another tragic day as a Cleveland teen open gun fire in his high school, shooting four before turning the gun on himself. Asa Coon, the student was know have trouble in the school as a white student in a predominantly African American school and had made numerous threats to blow up the campus, stab students, among other things. He was also known to cuss out teachers and was currently under suspension for fighting with another student.
A high school student said Thursday that he and classmates had warned their principal about threats by a classmate who shot and wounded four people before killing himself, and believed the attack could have been prevented.

The student, Rasheem Smith, said on CBS’ “Early Show” that despite their warnings about the student who opened fire Wednesday, Asa H. Coon, principal Johneita Durant told them she was too busy.

Smith said that the shooting may have been prevented, and that it was known Coon had a gun. “He was talking about doing it last week,” he said. [READ MORE]