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Thursday, October 11, 2007
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According to, Mario wrote Ashanti's newest sing "Hey Baby (After the Club)" and recorded the song as a follow up to Diddy's "Last Night" a la "Last Night Part Two"...but because he sucks as an artist was hired by Universal to produce songs from Ashanti's upcoming album Declaration, he though Ashanti would sound better on the track...[err uhh, okay] So he gave it to her and recorded in August of this year...
...and it was a wrap, the song was quickly sent off to Universal Records and leaked the internet in September. "Hey Baby (After The Club)" was not intended to be the 1st single but after a collaboration with boyfriend Nelly "Switch" tanked, the label favored "Hey Baby (After The Club)" and thought that it would be Ashanti's perfect comeback single so they pushed for it and that the story behind Ashanti's new single "Hey Baby (After the Club)". Though Ashanti will release her new CD off Universal/Motown Records as well as be co-produced by boyfriend Nelly's production company Derrty Ent. The Inc., Ashanti's real label will still get royalties from whatever Ashanti makes off this CD, and her 5th studio album.
LOL @ Murder Inc. still getting paid off Ashanti...damn those pesky contracts!