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Friday, October 05, 2007
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In an exclusive statement to, The Dream [after speaking with Chris] clarifies his statement to about Chris Brown's interview with Vibe Magazine in regards to J. Holiday's hit "Bed," which was penned.
I'm apologizing for comments directed toward Chris Brown on I spoke to Chris and I advised him that when he made the statement I was disappointed because he said things that were in my direction and that since I'm the only public figure surrounding the song "Bed," I took it as disrespect as well as the media and respected friends felt the same way.

Chris said the comments were towards another part of the situation surrounding the song and I stand here not to defend my comments but take full responsibility for my classless choice of talking through the media.

I apologize to Chris, Mark Pitts, and Jive Records.
Word on the curb is that J. Holiday's management has been less than easy to work with and I can't say that is what Chris was truly speaking about, but I put a pack of Chicklets and a coupon for a free jalapeño at Church's Chicken on it!

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