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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
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Entertainment Weekly caught up with Eve asked the burning quesion...Why?
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What's going on here? Why so many delays with this album? Are you scrapping the whole thing and starting over?

EVE: No, I'm not completely starting over. I'm definitely gonna keep some of the records that I had because I love a lot of the stuff that I did. So I'm keeping a lot of it. I'm just going back in to kinda make it a well-rounded album. I think what kind of delayed us this time was that I went in and did two records that sound a lot like the Pharrell record — the singing record.... I don't think the movement was right and I'd rather put out an album and feel 100 percent connected to it than just to put out an album, especially the way music is right now.
So when can you expect to see that release? Early 2008 she says. You read more at