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Friday, October 12, 2007
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Tameka and Usher are trying really hard to stay in the press, then wonder why people talk about the foolery that has become their relationship. They are covering the November issue of Essence Magazine to talk more about what they want us to know like that they are utterly in love! You'd think he had an album actually coming out the way they are working the spotlight! Check out a snippet of whats to come in the issue...
Usher on how the media and bloggers reacted negatively to the news of his engagement to Tameka Foster:
“It was like, wow. (Getting married) and having a child is something that everyone should celebrate. What’s happened to us as a culture and a people? I’m not ignorant, so I’m not going to go out there and lash out….”

Usher on how he and Tameka have stayed strong:

“Ours is not a typical love story, but it is a true one. Tameka and I have been fortunate enough to go through the thick of it in the beginning. We’ve had that opportunity to huddle up as a team, to make sure that we’re clear and speak as one voice.”

Tameka on when she knew to trust her instincts, instead of her girlfriends, about starting a relationship with her future husband:
“Thank God I didn’t listen to my girlfriends…. Usher was my road dawg. I’d seen him love, and I’d watched him date women who were not worthy of him. He was so sweet, going out of his way to cater to their every need. And I’d see them not even be grateful.” [READ MORE @ ESSENCE]
Uggghh...Blah Blah Blah is all I get! I mean babies are wonderful, love the kids, but they are really just getting irritating!

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