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Thursday, October 11, 2007
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Soooo, remember how it was reported that Usher was on that 'shoop shoop' and holding off releasing his album because of Meka and the bambino...well word on the curb is that Mother Patton gave Tameka an earful which ended in a screamfest!
Two of the key women in R&B star and actor Usher's life are at it again. The entertainer's mother, Jonetta Patton, supposedly had a screaming match with his wife, Tameka Foster, after learning Usher had dropped plans to release a new record because Foster insisted he take a break from his career to concentrate on her and their baby, a son who's due in December.

Patton despises Foster for getting her fired as her son's manager but didn't hesitate to call her daughter-in-law to tell her she "is doing a great job destroying a talented artist's fantastic career." [SOURCE]
To be a fly on the wall to hear that convo! This constant drama is bound to some to a serious head...let the sparks fly!

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