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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
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It’s not often child stars make a successful transition into an adult acting career, but Tia Mowry managed to do so in the CW’s No. 1 comedy “The Game,” in which she plays Melanie Barnett, girlfriend of a superstar pro football player. “This is my first adult role,” the former “Sister, Sister” cast member told JET. “I am a grown woman. I’m almost 30 years old and I want to be portrayed as that. I don’t want people to freeze me at 14.” Twin sister Tamera Mowry also auditioned for the role. “There have been lots of times that Tia and I have auditioned for the same role. We’re very different actors,” Tamera explains. “I don’t think anyone else could play that role (Melanie Barnett) better than she can, including me.”

In addition to her new acting gig, Tia has wedding plans in the making. She has been dating actor Cory Hardrict for seven years, got engaged last Christmas and is set to marry in April. “Cory and I, we are so happily in love,” she gushes about her “best friend and mentor.”