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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
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Washington Redskins' safety Sean Taylor died just a day after being shot in his home over the weekend while home in Miami while suffering a knee injury. The young father and pro-bowler recently changed his life after some legal run-ins. The police current have no suspects in the case.
Taylor died early Tuesday of a gunshot wound from an apparent intruder, a tragic end for a 24-year-old whose life was transformed by the birth of a daughter 18 months ago.

“We’re going to miss him,” Gibbs said. “I’m not talking about as a player. I’m talking about as a person.”

A day earlier, Taylor and his girlfriend were awakened by loud noises, according to family friend Richard Sharpstein, who learned the details from Taylor’s girlfriend, Jackie Garcia. He said Taylor grabbed a machete he keeps in the bedroom for protection. Someone then broke through the bedroom door and fired two shots, one missing and one hitting Taylor, Sharpstein said. Neither Taylor’s daughter, Jackie, nor Taylor’s girlfriend were injured in the attack.

The bullet damaged the femoral artery in Taylor’s leg, causing significant blood loss. Taylor never regained consciousness, Sharpstein said, and the news that he had squeezed a nurse’s hand late Monday only proved to give false hope.
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