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Thursday, December 27, 2007

So XXL came up with an ingenious list of reasons why we all think Bow Wow is a whiney baby and don't like him...He clearly has the spoiled brat syndrome going on, did you see the bafoonery on Road to Sterling Silver Platinum?

I couldn't have come up with a better list myself!

It starts with No. 1 - Your Short [BAM]. It can only get better from there

Continue reading for the full list of "26 Reasons Why Sir Shad Gregory Moss gets no respect"...

1 You’re short.

2 You’re really short.

3 You still got a baby face.

4 You seem like a mama’s boy. Worst than Usher before the family wrecker came along.

5 Somebody else bumped your girl. 50 Cent!

6 R Kelly punked you out the “I’m a Flirt” song. [HAHAHAAAA...]

7 Your mentor JD gets no respect.

8 You seem like an ingrate cause you’re always shitting on the dude that put you on.

9 You were born in 1987. A year after Raising Hell.

10 You dropped the Lil from your name. Which is worst than being Lil in the first place.

11 You made an album with a nigga from B2K.

12 Lil girls love you. No, they really love you.

13 You call yourself Mr. 106 and Park like that’s a cool thing to be. Who’s your comp there AJ or Terrence J?

14 You call yourself Bow Wizzle like a fake baby Snoop Dogg who never put you on in the first place.

15 Death Row never signed you.

16 You call yourself Bow Weezy and we already got a Weezy.

17 You call yourself the Prince of the O-Town.

18 You come up with bad nicknames. [LMAO]

19 You jack other rapper’s flows and styles.

20 You make bad movies.

21 You got a Napoleon complex. [DING DING DINGGGGG]

22 You talk too much.

23 You don’t listen.

24 You’re loud and wrong. As usual.

25 You’ll probably dismiss this and any criticism as hating.

26 You don’t have any hip-hop fans who care about you enough to make a list this long.

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