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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
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In a promotional interview, Bow Wow talks himself into believing his new album with Omarion is going straight to the top! What's your main goal for the release of this album?

Bow Wow: To make sure our audience is pleased with the product and to sell records. Sony is shipping 1 million records, they never shipped that many in a long time. Last year, I came out and sold 100,000 my first week. O came out and had the no. 1 album. No way we can't do 500,000 the first week. Right around the holiday season and our hardcore fanbase is kids and the young girls. Christmas time is for the kids and that's what make it hype and exciting. Don't let the album be $9.99. If the album $9.99, we might mess around and do 700,000.
Don't let it be more than $9.99 and they might not sell more than 100K! Seriously though, don't they look so depressed about the project at TRL...Way to sell it guys!

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