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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Solange is still on that Solo Star tip trying to make a comeback to the music scene...she signed a deal with Geffen Records to release her sophomore effort Hadley Street Dreams.
"Her record is totally bananas," Geffen Records chairman Ron Fair tells "It's not what people would expect from her. The music is more eclectic and international. She's in her own lane."

"It's a touch of retro with beautiful R&B songs and influences of early Natalie Cole and Carole King, and she's only 21," he continues. "I'm crazy about the Pharrell Williams' record that she recently finished, called 'I Decided.' We're finishing the album now." [SOURCE]
The release is set for sometime in second quarter 2008. I am just curious as to why Daddy Knowles didn't work is voodoo on Columbia...doesn't he have his own label Music World? She has been grinding lately doing shows and attending hot Hollywood event...despite liking like a lost member of Blues Clues!