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Sunday, December 09, 2007
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What is a mum to do when their daughter is clearly wasting away and crying out for help? Write an open letter through the UK's News of the World...A very long letter.

Amy's mother begins:
I HOPE you understand why I'm writing this. We have spoken recently but many people will wonder why I haven't run down to whatever hotel you're staying in, scooped you up and taken you home for a hot bath and a steaming bowl of chicken soup.

It's because your father and I know what you're like, Amy.

We want to help you, but we know that unless you want to be helped— unless you come to us—anything we tried would be in vain.

So this letter is my way of making sure that you know that—that all you have to do is come to us, Amy, and we'll do everything in our power to get you well again.

After all, you are still my baby and you always will be.

She goes on to say:
Early fame has overwhelmed you, it's dizzied you and muddled your mind. For a moment, forget you're a superstar. You're also young and vulnerable. Remember you're just an ordinary human being, no stronger than any of the rest of us. You think you're strong enough to get through this on your own, darling, but you're not.
Hopefully she will read the letter...but will it get Amy's attention before it's too late. It's obvious that she needs help, she has gone from breakout talent to trainwreck status.

Read the full letter here.