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Reports are starting to surface about the pending divorce of the marriage between Terius "The-Dream" Nash and wife Nivea...

It's not a rumor. A source very close to the situation confirms that divorce papers have been drawn, I was told last week. However, the marriage isn't ending on a sour note. The pair have decided that marriage has run its course and that this is the best thing to do... They also note that the split doesn't have anything to do either's success or lack there of.

They do have a daughter together, Navy Talia, born in 2005.

There are also rumors of a brewing relationship with Kris Jacobs, who is in the "Falsetto" video. When asked, my source laughed off the notion as yet another attempt to drag out more drama as The-Dream album's release is less than a week away.

Sticking to the music...check back for The Leak: LOVE/HATE album!

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