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Did you watch the preimere of American Idol??? I surely did, I've been waiting all day, like the first day of school. This damn writers strike is killing my DVR game...

Was is all that I expected? No. It was way too damn emotional. I can't take all the tears, I cry at the Kleenex commercials, so you know they had me all teary eyed. Temptress and Angela Martin had me with their stories. I'm already team Angela, she could really sing and her story just melted my heart...

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But it wasn't all bunnies and rainbows...the guy from Egypt was a gift from the Idol gods...LMAO @ "Sexy face!"

They could have saved the waxer, though. Word is that producers laid off the "bad auditions" after last year's complaints of exploitation, especially the "special" people. But I missed those auditions, hopefully Texas will offer more laughs!

Your thoughts?