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I've been on the road most of today but apparently a lot has gone on with Raz B and his brother Ricardo "Ricky Romance" Thornton and the insanity surrounding the Chester Molester allegations against Chris Stokes... Ricky went on the radio to discuss the situation with Sacramento's 103.5 The Bomb...

Ricky also freaked when he hadn't heard from lil' brother Raz B and began saying that he was missing after that sad video was released retracting the statements. However Ricky is standing by the allegations suggesting that this needs to go to the District Attorney. In a brief interview with he gives further details on the allegations saying that it began when Raz was about 11 years old.

Later, Raz B posted the following bulletin on MySpace saying that he wasn't missing at all...he later posted a bulletin saying that he was not threatened by Bloods [LOL..right, why the hell would a gang defend an alleged gutter-butt trollop like Chris St(r)okes anyway?!].

At this point I need some authority to step in and either validate or discount the allegations because they are indeed serious. I've always thought something wasn't right at TUG, and even though Chris plans to sue, there are clearly secrets that he has been trying to keep. It's getting nuts ya' usual, I'll keep ya posted.

If you haven't seen B. Scott's response, it is a must! Nasty Gutter-Butt Trollop!