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Monday, January 28, 2008
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Just to add fuel to the fire that Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds' sham of marriage/divorce was nothing more than a publicity event...Eddie was spotted shaking his donkey tale at the opening of The Bank club at the Bellagio in Las Veags this weekend. So what so bad about partying just a couple of weeks after pulling a Britney Spears? Well leaving with the chick you just met in the club for one, and two, where are you going with that What's Happenin' ass hat on?

Word on the curb is that Tracey called it quits after Eddie got physical...hmmm? I still think they ended the game after people found out the marriage wasn't legal. I don't think they ever intended to make it legal. I am sure there were some major stipulations that would have made someone a lot less richer, damn that alimony...

Check out the video of the donkey shake here.