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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
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As I posted before, Vibe's February issue [on stands now] has a great feature on School Daze as it approaches it's 20th anniversary and they asked a few celebs about their HBCU experience and how the movie affected them...
"School Daze definitely had an impact on me choosing a HBCU because it was the first insight I had into a black college. The whole Jiggaboo light skin vs. the dark skin [dance] scene, where they’re singing back and forth, I think if you ask anyone, that’s the scene that stands out. There’s a whole controversy and culture [about] it, but School Daze addressed those issues in an over-the-top, comical way.

"I pledged Delta Sigma Theta. I can’t speak for other people in terms of whether they took offense to [the portrayal of black Greek fraternities and sororities in School Daze], but people in general take film entirely way too seriously. School Daze was meant for enjoyment. It’s not a documentary. I had several trials and tribulations just as anyone does in school, and the whole going to an HBCU as “Rudy” is a whole other experience in itself. But I couldn’t have imagined going anywhere else but Spellman." [SOURCE]