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Thursday, March 27, 2008
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New music from the Knowles sisters has leaked this week. As you may have heard Beyonce's next project it set to be a dance album, a more international sound than her previous albums have been. This new song that unexpectedly hit the internet, "Beautiful Nightmare," may be a taste of what is to come, but I don't think is anything official and may very well be just some music left on the cutting room floor. Ya'll know Beyonce is constantly working on music so we'll see what comes of this new direction.

LISTEN: Link removed [they are yanking sites]

Baby sister Solange is inching closer to releasing her second album and from the new music that's bee coming out, she is definitely working on creating a very different sound. That's definitely a good look for her seeing that she is likely to face comparison to her her vocally superior sister. "I Decided" is a very Amy Winehouse-esque jazz number that is really catchy. Said to be the lead single off her upcoming project. Also leaked this week is another song "God Given Name" that may the the intro song on the album which features a real mellow groove.

In other Knowles Empire World Domination news... Solange and Baby Daniel move in on Nick Jr. with "Yo Gabba Gabba" [got him making that paper early!] and may even be getting his own show...

Plus, House of Dereon is adding sunglasses and accessories to the line [coming to a TJ Maxx near you, much love to the Maxx]

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