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Watch. Listen. Enjoy. The knowledge and wisdom of the great Erykah Badu. She speaketh the truth, my people.

Erykah Badu only gets better with time...Check out a snippet of her interview in Blender this month, pure comedy and realness. Loves it. She is the one who needs a reality show!

Do you remember your first experience with alcohol?

I was at Grambling State, and the fashion club had an after party. There was a drinking game-I did a shot of Everclear. Next thing I remember was being back at my dorm on the bathroom floor. My girlfriends said I was singing. I didn’t even know I was a singer at that point.

So Everclear was the start of your career?

Yes. Everclear made everything clear.

If we drug-tested you, what would we find?

Wheatgrass. Green juice. Zionic bacteria, like chlorophyll and spirulina. I’m drug-free, alcohol-free. Isn’t that boring? Maybe I should be Kid Rock for a day.

Who was the last person you punched?

My sister. And she was pregnant. [Laughs.] Well, she was talking shit to me!

What does a kiss from you cost now?

You have to change gods and wear crochet pants. You haven’t heard about me?

Shout to Celeb-Blitz for the quotables.