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According to the NY Daily News, more employees have come forward to co-sign on Nicole Spence's allegations of sexual harassment by Wendy Williams' husband.
Others have come forward since we filed the complaint to support Nicole's claims," said Karen Webber, a partner in the prestigious law firm Thompson, Wigdor & Gilly, which is preparing a federal lawsuit on Spence's behalf. "They say he often called women bitches and used alcohol, and they describe his violent outbursts against Ms. Williams." Other women say they were victimized as well.

"The bottom line is, whatever the content of her show is, the workplace can't be an extension of the radio program," says co-attorney Ken Thompson, who won a megasuit against The Source magazine filed by a female editor. "This young lady has a right to work in an atmosphere free of sexual harassment, free of exposure to acts of violence. They've moved her out of her workspace and taken her duties away, but she still shows up every day at 3 Park Ave. trying to do her job. She is an amazing person."
Of course the station and Wendy Williams are giving the silent treatment...It's not looking good at all for her or her husband/manager! I wonder if she'll address it on her show?